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Introduction to Kendo UI Core - Open Source JavaScript UI Framework with full Angular support

Submitted Jun 2, 2014

Introduce the audience to this new open source JavaScipt UI framework - Kendo UI Core


Kendo UI Core is a free open source HTML5 based Client Side JavaScript UI framework. Through this talk i would like to introduce the audience to Kendo UI Core. Kendo UI provide you with nearly 25 UI widgets which are completely HTML5 compliant. They support IE7, FF ESR, Chrome to name a few browsers. Apart from 25 widgets of Web and framework element - Kendo UI Core also has a cross platform adaptive rendering mobile control suite which can be used to develop hybrid mobile apps. Kendo UI Core is completely open source and released under Apache licensing so can be used for your hobby project or for your commercial projects.

Speaker bio

Work as a Technical Evangelist for Telerik in India. Over 12+ years of experience in the industry. UG lead for Bangalore .NET User Group one of the Indias largest and most active UG in India.


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