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Adaptive Rendering Mobile Web Apps with Kendo UI Mobile

Submitted Jun 2, 2014

How to develop mobile web apps which adapt to platform they run on ?


Due to the proliferation of mobile devices in the market, its not enough to just think your website to be rendered on desktop browsers. You will need to also support the mobile browsers. Its a known fact that more number of requests to webpage are coming from mobile devices and in turn mobile browsers. Wouldnt it be great if our mobile web pages could adapt to the platform they are being viewed and they look and behave as a native UI. Kendo UI Mobile Controls are a fee & open source HTML5 based controls framework and can be used to build mobile apps. The Kendo UI Mobile controls have the adaptive rendering capability. They look and behave as a native control on different platform. So attend this session to know more about how to build adaptive rendering mobile web app.

Speaker bio

Work as a Technical Evangelist for Telerik in India. Over 12+ years of experience in the industry. UG lead for Bangalore .NET User Group one of the Indias largest and most active UG in India.


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