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JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

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Front End Engineering: Boost your productivity


Amit Agarwal


To make you a better front end engineer.


I am going to talk about common tools, tips & tricks and practices which will boost your productivity as a front end engineer. This talk will include following things:

  • Few tools which I have been using for over 5 years and have been proven to speedup my work.
  • Few common practices as a Front end engineer, which are usually ignored by developers, but they are critial towards making you a better and more productive developer.
  • This also includes some tips and tricks about writing Javascript/HTML/CSS which will help every javascript developer.

Speaker bio

Amit Agarwal is a Front End Engineer with professional experience of more than 5 years. He has experience in creating small scale and large scale web application and has been writing Javascript every single day. Currently Amit works at Yahoo as Tech Lead. Before Yahoo, he worked at Google as User Interface Developer for more than 2 years.