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Monika M


AngularJs vs AngularDart

Submitted Jun 1, 2014

If you are already working on AngularJs then you will be able to get very good view of AngualrDart. To those who are unware of both AngularJs and AngularDart will be introduced to two beautiful front end frameworks AngularJs and AngularDart developed and supported by Google.


AngularDart is Angular + Dart. It brings the proven Angular philosophy of testable, succinct web development to Dart. Build apps that scale. AngularDart introduces Shadow DOM and Web components to you.

Attend the talk if you are thinking,

  • If there is already AngularJs then why one more framework?
  • Is AngularDart a replacement to AngularJS
  • Can i start on AngularDart if I do not know AngularJs

Speaker bio

I am working as a Full stack developer at Mavenhive. We are using AngularJs as front end framework for one of our production app.

Before joining Mavehive, I worked as Core Developer on the Mediation module for Telecom product at Zinnia Systems for a year and half.My career was started as an intern at Active Cubes, which has been acquired by Blue star infotech now. During this time I worked on Sentiment Analysis involving Hadoop and Machine Learning.

I am keen on giving back to community and I have started this with little steps at Stackoverflow and Codetriage. Also, I have presented a lighting talk at RubyConfIndia - 2014.


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