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Abhimanyu Chakravarty


The road to Ember-Data 1.0

Submitted May 19, 2014

The objective of this talk will be to to familiarize the audience with the problems related to handling data from the services and how Ember-Data aims to solve these problems. I will talk over the core concepts of Ember-Data, the philosophy behind it and how to use it using a sample application.


There are many problems that we face when we try to develop client side web applications, especially when it comes to handling the data from the services and how to manage issues such as caching, changing service apis and responses. Ember-Data is a module of Ember.js that aims to solve many if not all of these problems. Although it is not in a stable state yet, it has reached a state where it manages to make development easier and quicker. The talk will cover all the basics of Ember-Data and how to start using it all illustrated with a simple end to end example.


A text editor (Sublime Text preferably)
The latest version of Ember and Handlebars from http://emberjs.com/
The latest of either beta or canary build of Ember-Data from http://emberjs.com/builds

Speaker bio

I am a Software Developer with Equal Experts with over 3 years of development experiece in Web Development. I have worked with Ember for more than a year. I have presented a talk on Ember.js basics at the Expertalks meetup in Pune.


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