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Pradip Hudekar


Typescript - A developer friendly Javascript

Submitted May 19, 2014

The objectives of the talk are:

  • to help understand goal of Typescript as an alternative to Javascript
  • to utilize capabilities of Typescipt to write typesafe Javascript
  • speed up the development with the help of better support in IDEs (Visual Studio 2013, Sublime Text 3)
  • increase the maintainability of project by modularizing code


There has been quite a lot of effort that people are putting into finding better alternatives to Javascript. We will be looking at why are people are looking for such alternatives. We will also go through the pitfalls of javascript as a language for development and how Typescript can come to our rescue.

The talk will be focused on the benefits of Typescript from developers’ perspective. During the session we will go through simple code samples to demonstrate how ‘typesafety’ in Typescript can help us catch errors at compile time, resulting in a faster development cycle. This also enables IDEs to provide better refactoring and intellisense support to boost development of large chunks of code. We will also take a look at how Typescript can help in modularization of huge projects with the help of ‘Modules’.


  • Basic knowledge of Javascript
  • Understanding on Object Oriented Programming concepts

Speaker bio

Pradip has been a developer for the past 8 years. He is a tech enthusiast who likes to learn latest trends in Web and Mobile technologies and apply them on real world problems. He has worked with .NET and Java platform to provide maintainable software solutions to various clients across the globe.

He is a part of highly motivated intellectuals at Equal Experts. Apart from his professional life, he loves to create CG models and animations in his free time.




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