JSFoo 2013

All about being creative with JavaScript

Programming Flying Robots

Sreekanth Vadagiri

23 September 2013

Bot using NodeJS and the HTML5 Audio API

Ameya Karve

23 September 2013

Javascript is A DJ

Jaison Justus

23 September 2013

Who's Talking | Real-time Peer to Peer collaboration with JS and HTML5

Om Shankar

23 September 2013

Generating tests from code - or how to test better and faster

Olivier Crameri

23 September 2013

RedRaphael - JavaScript graphics library on steroids!

Sushant Sudarshan

23 September 2013

Offline in the browser- with IndexedDB, AppCache & LocalStorage

Manan Bharara

23 September 2013

Memory profile your JavaScript applications for high performance

Jaideep Singh

24 September 2013

GIF animations - Now with sound!

Hage Yaapa

24 September 2013

Distributed, offline-enabled point-of-sale system using Google Apps Script

Kingsley Jegan Joseph

24 September 2013

Potential gotchas in making a Backbone app

Vignesh Nandha Kumar

24 September 2013

HTML5 for the masses - making the future the now

Christian Heilmann

24 September 2013

First un-learn and then more to learn: Our experience building a complex web app entirely in AngularJS

Adhil Azeez NV

24 September 2013

Your webapps should talk not just in English, but in español, Kiswahili, 廣州話 and অসমীয়া too.

Sucheta Ghoshal

10 September 2013

Killing passwords with JavaScript

Francois Marier

23 September 2013

Using Camera Motion Detection in JS for Gestures based Interaction

Vinci Rufus

23 September 2013

Bringing the open web and APIs to mobile devices with Firefox OS

Robert Nyman

25 March 2014