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Vignesh Nandha Kumar


Potential gotchas in making a Backbone app

Submitted Jul 22, 2013

Backbone.js, which gives you a robust framework for making javascript-heavy apps, is very minimal when compared to its counterparts like Angular js. It gives the developer much control over the behavior, but with great power comes great responsibility :)

Many things are left to the developer’s choice, including wiring up of data and views, handling DOM events, etc. Having worked on backbone since it’s early stages, I’ve tasted quite a lot of such issues.

So, I would like to talk about the most common mistakes and about the best practices to avoid that.


The talk would cover 3 broad issues:

  • Zombie views - probably the most popular issue with Backbone.
  • Extending routes: Sub-routing, reversing URLs & sharing routes between client and server
  • Default error handlers for ajax calls

and a few minor hacks to make the most out of Backbone.


Good understanding of MVC frameworks, at least some experience with Backbone.

Speaker bio

I’ve been working with frontend for over 4 years, now working as the only frontend engineer at Recruiterbox.

I started using backbone more than 2 years back, when it was not so mature. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with it and used it for a variety of use-cases including a sudoku puzzle app and a large business application. In the course of it, I’ve extended Backbone heavily.




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