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Renaun Erickson


Using RandoriJS and KontikiJS to create 2D WebGL based Games from existing Starling AS3 Code

Submitted Jul 22, 2013

You will learn how you can take existing ActionScript 3 based Starling games and bring them to JavaScript. Rendered at full speed using WebGL and other HTML5 features geared towards games.


There are a lot of game frameworks in JavaScript, but there are also a lot of existing games built with Starling (http://gamua.com/starling/) in ActionScript 3. Wouldn’t it be nice to take those existing games and bring them to JavaScript using the same code base?

Meet Randori compiler and the KontikiJS library. Come learn how to use these open source technologies to bring your games to the JavaScript and rendered at full speed using WebGL and other HTML5 features geared towards games.

As an example, check out the JavaScript version of Hungry Hero here:

And the original AS3 here:

Speaker bio

Renaun Erickson is a Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems. Renaun has worked on projects using web and mobile technologies for over 7 years. Renaun can be found at his blog http://renaun.com/blog and at twitter @renaun. You can check out a bunch of his open sourced examples and code libraries at https://github.com/renaun. When he’s not programming, Renaun enjoys playing games, the outdoors, archeology, driving a Jeep, and spending time with his family.


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