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Jaison Justus


Javascript is A DJ

Submitted Jul 19, 2013

Lets make some noise with Javascript.

Add audio to your webapps and learn to make them more immersive.


How many of you can code?
How many of you can play a musical instrument?
Did you just put down you hand?
Don’t you worry, if you can code in Javascript, you can create music too.

Let me introduce Chrome WebAudio API.

This will be a live hands-on session on creating music from within your browser.

I will go through the following concepts:

  • How to play and control music using WebAudio API.
  • How to add effects to music using Audio Filters.
  • 3D sound Panning, Crossfading and more.
  • Learn when and where can you use this API.


Your laptop with chrome browser.

Bring your favourite music too.

Speaker bio

I am Front-End Developer at Bang The Table. Javascript has been my playground for last couple of years with endless personal projects, which keep me occupied. I am interested in architecting WebApps and became a fan of AngularJS and BackboneJS.

I design interfaces, learning illustration and making little progress with my comic book on GIT.

Twitter , Github




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