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Saheb Motiani


Emscripten - C++ on the Web

Submitted Jul 19, 2013

A lot of our projects are based on C/C++, but we can’t show case them on the web without building/installing them. Other users can’t test our project directly and see it’s main features without going through the complex build process. After this session you will have a way to demonstrate your C/C++ project on the web. You will be confident enough to use Emscripten and write a small piece of binding for your project.


Why do you want C++ on the Web?

Performance of C++ vs JS.

How does Emscripten come into picture after Adobe’s flascc and Google’s Native Client?

Backend working of Emscripten - Clang LLVM ASM.js

Cross Compiling Issues

How to use Emscripten to build our project?

Modifying of make files of our proejcts.

Ways to create the bindings and where to use which way -
1) binding_generator
2) cwrap
3) Embind - A bit of boost.python story for inspiration.

Limitations of Emscripten.

Issues I faced while binding OGDF to ogdf.js (My GSOC Project).

Demonstration of OGDF on the Web.

If time permits I will also talk about how to deal with dynamic and static libraries.

Speaker bio

Hi! I am Saheb. I love the Web and every bit of JS in it. I am currently part of GSOC2013 and am working with Emscripten this time for making Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF) available on the Web. I had also been part of GSOC2012 (ASCEND). Python and JS are the language I like to work on. I started to make Web Applications from 2 years back and haven’t stopped since then :)


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