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Manan Bharara


Offline in the browser- with IndexedDB, AppCache & LocalStorage

Submitted Aug 10, 2013

  • Gain an understanding on how you can eliminate the network as one of the core requirements for your web app
  • How you can reach a wider audience for your web application. People with intermittent network connectivity can then have seamless interaction with your application.
  • Effective caching techniques to massively speed up browsing. (AppCache is not that big of a douche bag. Really!)


When we began my current project, we thought that a web app is fairly limited when it comes to making stuff available offline. Since then, it has been an year and we are now supporting offline completely for one of our core features.

On the way, we have often over-estimated the extent of offline support offered by browsers and we have under-estimated.

With this talk I plan on sharing my learnings from the project and cover the following:

  1. The benefits and possibilities with storage in the browser.
  2. The segregation of concerns offered by the various HTML5 APIs.
  3. How Angular JS plays with HTML5 offline(Or how you can make it play)
  4. Browser support- and how it varies(Aaaargh IE!!).

Speaker bio

I am a developer at ThoughtWorks. I have worked with Java, Ruby on rails and have been learning different paradigms along the way. With the kind of applications I have been working on, I’ve developed a keen interest for JavaScript and have been experimenting with various client side frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone etc. and various testing tools like Jasmine, PhantomJS.
I am passionate about sharing my learnings with the community and have also coached in events like Rails Girls. Besides project work, I’ve also developed 2D Javascript games with keyboard and mouse interactions.


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