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yeoman, grunt, bower - modern workflows for building today's web apps


Avinash Chugh


The talk aims to help developers appreciate how it has become a whole lot easier to automate everyday tasks when building your next rich-client/single-page applications.


Using bower to manage your vendor packages and grunt to automate your oft-needed JavaScript tasks (compile, test, minify, and more), developers can now look forward to a more pleasurable experience especially when it comes to crafting JavaScript-based applications. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to let yeoman’s boiler-plates let your project get off to the right start.


An appreciation for agile-development practices and how automation as a philosophy is something that modern teams cannot live without.

Speaker bio

Avinash Chugh is a lead developer at ThoughtWorks. He has been building enterprise software on a range of technology stacks, including Java, .Net, and Ruby. He is passionate about well-crafted software, Agile engineering practices, evolutionary architecture, and delivery excellence. His interests in JavaScript have renewed with the arrival of JS frameworks like Backbone, Angular, and the Node.js platform.