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Arno Gourdol


Pro apps built with Javascript? Yes, you can do that.

Submitted Aug 9, 2013

Can you really write a large, sophisticated, professional application using Javascript and the web platform? Can this application rival or even deliver more than what native applications can?

Yes, yes you can. The Brackets project started as an experiment to explore the boundaries of what was possible with Javascript and the web platform. For the past year, we have been continuing our exploration, with help from a growing community of contributors, and we have not reach those boundaries yet!


In this session we will review the genesis of the Brackets project. Why did Adobe decide to embark on this path? What was learned along the way? How has this impacted other projects at Adobe?

We’ll also talk about how Brackets is built, how it is able to offer a great experience as a desktop app, while being built with the Javascript and the web platform. We’ll also review how CSS+HTML+Javascript can be used to build some great user experiences. We’ll also discuss TopCoat, the open source CSS framework for clean and fast web apps we are building based on our experience.

Learn how Javascript is changing the way a large software company is revisiting everything about the products it builds and how it builds them, and how you can apply some of those learnings yourself.


Interest in Javascript and the web platform.

Experienced with packaged web apps is useful, but not required.

Install Brackets from http://brackets.io
Download the Brackets source code from here: https://github.com/adobe/brackets
Download the Topcoat source code from here: https://github.com/topcoat/topcoat

Speaker bio

Arno Gourdol leads the Web Platform and Authoring team at Adobe. Their mission is to make the web better and to build the best tools in the world for web developers and designers. Their contributions include CSS Filters, CSS Regions and exclusions, Blend Modes, Brackets, Cordova/PhoneGap, Dreamweaver and the Edge Tools & Services: Edge Code, Edge Inspect, Edge Reflow, PhoneGap Build and Edge Animate. Arno has contributed to many other projects at Adobe, including the first versions of Creative Suite. Prior to joining Adobe in 2001 he was a member of the User Interface team at Apple that conceived, designed and implemented Aqua, the user interface of Mac OS X. Arno graduated from the Grenoble University. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys traveling from Abel Tasman to Zanzibar


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