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Olivier Crameri


Generating tests from code - or how to test better and faster

Submitted Jul 11, 2013

  • Discover the power of dynamic analysis and code crawling for writing and maintaining tests.
  • Learn how to write robust tests that cover ten times more code with ten times less effort than traditional unit tests or integration tests.
  • Discover that testing can (almost) be fun and (definitely) useful.


  • Alice: Hey Bob, ready for the Big Release. Everything working?
  • Bob: Yeah, sure. Why not?
  • Alice: I don’t know. Did you test your code?
  • Bob: Of course. All the tests pass. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Alice: Well, I guess, nothing… Let’s release and go to JSFoo.

Sounds familiar? We all know how this story ends… and it’s not with Bob and Alice having fun at JSFoo. Unacceptable!

In this talk, I will show how to uncover the power of dynamic analysis to improve the coverage of your tests and find bugs before your users. I will describe the techniques to automatically create more tests starting from a single, simple unit test, and demonstrate how it helps JavaScript developers create better code.

Speaker bio

Olivier is a co-founder of BugBuster, a Switzerland based startup providing a next generation testing solution for Web and JavaScript developers.


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