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Rocky Jaiswal


Just Grunt It

Submitted Jul 13, 2013

Help audience understand the usage and features of Grunt.js. Why and when they should use it and help them write plugins for Grunt.js


Grunt.js is a JavaScript task runner that helps web developers automate mundane tasks with great efficiency. Built on the node platform it offers speed, efficiency and pluggability.

In this session we will look at how we can use Grunt.js in our day to day projects, ways to automate tasks like CoffeeScript transpilation and uglifying our JS. We will also look at the awesome grunt-watch-plugin which enhances developer productivity and finally look at ways to contribute to the Grunt ecosystem by writing plugins.

Speaker bio

Rocky is a polyglot programmer who has been trying to learn to program for the last eleven years. He started with Java and moved to Ruby and then on to JavaScript and Scala. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences including Ruby Conf India 2012 and 2013. He is also an active member of the JS NCR community.
He has been using Grunt.js in his day job for the last 6 months and has conducted Grunt.js training for a number of programmers. His blogs can be found at http://rockyj.in




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