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Ameya Karve


Bot using NodeJS and the HTML5 Audio API

Submitted Aug 4, 2013

To build a robot that is controlled using a NodeJS server. The bot uses the HTML5 Audio API to actuate it’s motors. It can be run using any mobile device that can connect to the internet, and has a web browser and an audio port.


This is a modification of one of my earlier hacks. The idea is to control a robot using the sound output from a mobile device. The sound output is controlled through a web page on the mobile device browser, that talks to a NodeJS server. The communication can be realtime when supported by the device using a WebSocket connection; I have also written a long-polling fallback mechanism. I have tested the hack using an LG P500, a Nexus 4 as well as an iPhone 4; It should seamlessly work with other devices otherwise.
The hack does not require a circuit board like an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi device; I can share the circuit details, as well as places where the components could be procured in Bangalore or Chennai.


Knowledge of NodeJS and Socket.IO

Speaker bio

My name is Ameya Karve. I am a final year student at IIT Madras. I have been playing around with JavaScript for a while now. You can see some of my work at my GitHub profile; my handle is ameyakarve.


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