India's Non-Personal Data (NPD) framework

India's Non-Personal Data (NPD) framework

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  1. Video of talk by Usha Ramanathan on Eminent Domain and how this applies to data regulations in India
  2. NPD primer in Bengali:

About the Non-Personal Data (NPD) framework for India: Non-personal data (NPD) is defined as anything which is not personal data. Read primer on NPD in English, Hindi and Malayalam for a quick understanding how NPD will be regulated in India.

The Committee of Experts (CoE), led by Kris Gopalakrishnan, prepared the first version of the NPD framework in July 2020. Based on the feedback received, the CoE released V2 of the NPD framework in December 2020.

Community submissions to improve the NPD framework for India: NPD Week was conducted to draw recommendations from the community on what apsects of the NPD framework should be revised, with practical suggestions. At the end of NPD Week, a document of community recommendations was drawn up. View final recommendations (PDF) for NPD V2.
These recommendations were submitted to the CoE and MeITY on 31 January 2021.

NPD Survey: Between November 2020 and January 2021, Privacy Mode’s research team interviewed 50 respondents from startup, engineering, product and investor communities to understand their concerns with the Non-Personal Data Report V1 and NPD Report V2. View the report (PDF)

Recap of NPD Week: Between 22 and 29 January, concerns were articulated with respect to NPD’s potential impact around privacy. These concerns were on issues of:

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Eminent Domain and expropriation of data - the case of India's data regulations

Dr. Usha Ramanathan

1 hour17 February 2021

Privacy Mode's NPD Survey: presentation of key findings and highlights

Presenters: Nadika Nadja, Anand Venkatnarayanan.

7 minutes23 January 2021

Towards a robust NPD framework: addressing concerns from startups and SMBs

Moderator: Amlan Mohanty; Panelists: Deepa Venkatraman, Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Ashish Aggarwal, Kumar Rangarajan, Prasanto Roy, Sameer Brij Verma, Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan

1 hour23 January 2021

Will NPD regulation help India to shape and benefit from global data rules?

Speaker: Arindrajit Basu; Respondents: Tarunima Prabhakar, Sushant Kumar, Udbhav Tiwari

1 hour26 January 2021

NPD V2 - thought process underlying the revised recommendations

Presenter: Parminder Jeet Singh; Respondents: Saranya Gopinath, Venkata Pingali, Srinivasa Rao Aravilli; Moderator: Udbhav Tiwari

1 hour24 January 2021

Comparing Non-Personal Data V1 and V2 - key highlights

Speaker: Reshu Natani; Respondent: Suchana Seth

28 minutes24 January 2021

Personal and non-personal data regulations globally; and how India’s NPD is positioned.

Moderator: Jyoti Panday; Panelists: Raegan MacDonald, Annabel Lee, Sean McDonald

1 hour28 January 2021

Practical suggestions from tech and product community on Metadata directory and High Value Datasets (HVDs) requirement in NPD

Moderated by: Venkata Pingali. Panelists: Mangalam Nandakumar, Naresh Bharadwaj, Prasanto Roy, Subhashish Bhadra

1 hour29 January 2021

Panel discussion: Interrogating the notions of public good, community and data trustees in NPD V2.

Moderator: Shweta Mohandas; Panelists: Tripti Jain, Anivar Aravind, Prasanna S, Srikanth Lakshmanan, Thejesh GN

1 hour28 January 2021

Debt, NPD and Ownership Juggling infrastructure

Respondent and moderator: Malavika Raghavan; Speaker: Srikanth Lakshmanan

31 minutes30 January 2021

Panel discussion: Persisting privacy concerns in NPD V2

Moderator: Malavika Raghavan; Panelists: Srujana Merugu, Chaitanya Chokareddy, Kailash Nadh, Kranthi Mitra Adusumilli, Tanmai Gopal

1 hour30 January 2021

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