Rootconf 2016

Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems.

DTrace: Live tracing for Unix systems

Tod McQuillin

20 minutes16 April 2016

Evolution of Monitoring

Aveek Misra

16 minutes21 April 2016

Failure at Cloud and rescued by Python

Kushal Das

44 minutes21 April 2016

How TV newsrooms work and what you can learn from them

Kamala Sripada

45 minutes16 April 2016

Goblin - Automated Resiliency Testing

Shailesh Hegde

14 minutes22 April 2016

Merge Hells?? Feature Toggle to the Rescue

Leena S N

21 minutes22 April 2016

7 Pitfalls for DevOps in Enterprises

Deepak Jain

18 minutes21 April 2016

Working in and with Open Source Communities

Bernd Erk

36 minutes22 April 2016

War story: Implementing Puppet on 15000 servers in a traditional enterprise

Walter Heck

29 minutes22 April 2016

Lessons from database failures

Colin Charles

1 hour21 April 2016

Continuous deployment at Scale

Premshree Pillai

44 minutes21 April 2016

Lessons in moving from physical hosts to Mesos

Raj Shekhar

30 minutes16 April 2016

Happiness through Crash-Only software

Antoine Grondin

45 minutes21 April 2016

Handling logs, events and metrics using Heka

Sid Ramesh

24 minutes22 April 2016

Design patterns in Microservices using Gilmour

Piyush Verma

45 minutes21 April 2016

Building for Disasters: approach to robust systems

Pracheta Budhwar

19 minutes21 April 2016

Chaos Engineering and design patterns for building highly available services


1 hour16 April 2016

The transition: Manual => Automated => Distributed monitoring

saurabh hirani

16 minutes21 April 2016

Of the building of a Postgres cluster

Srihari Sriraman

43 minutes21 April 2016

The webscale peace agreement or how Snapdeal is ending the battle between operations and developers


47 minutes16 April 2016
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