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Walter Heck


War story: Implementing Puppet on 15000 servers in a traditional enterprise

Submitted Feb 19, 2016

The objective of this talk is to tell people about our experiences with implementing a large puppet deployment in a very traditional enterprise, and to give them tips and pointers on how to do this succesfully.


This talk will discuss the implementation of puppet across 15000 servers in a very traditional enterprise organisation. This involved 20 teams of people new to puppet. On top of that 70% of servers were Windows, making this quite an interesting challenge. The talk will outline the experiences in onboarding puppet in this enterprise environment. Things that worked, things that didn’t work and everything in between.



Speaker bio

Walter Heck is the founder and CTO of OlinData. He is organiser of the configuration management devroom at FOSDEM and co-organiser of the config management camp. Walter has more then a decade of background in Programming, MySQL Databases and more recently Puppet and all the tools that come with it. Walter has spoken at many international conferences on 3 continents over the past 6 years.



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