Rootconf 2016

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Zubair Sharief


A case for using FreeBSD to build a resilient container(Jails) infrastructure.

Submitted Feb 14, 2016

To get an idead on how FreeBSD helps in building a resilient container infrastructure for web applications. Skipping CARP(Cisco VRRP) which is required for HA firewall, as this is going to be a crisp talk.


For many web based businesses, service and data availability are paramount. Majority of the businesses don’t require “internet” scale infrastructure and the complexity that comes with that, they however do need one which enables their businesses, which helps them to do more with less and grows with them, while making it easier for the admins in day to day maintenance.
Here resilient refers to recovery, reducing downtimes, due to hardware failures, human errors and software vulnerabilities.

This session tries to present why should you consider using FreeBSD for the next project.


Not a prerequisite - If you have some experience on hosting containers based web applications it would help, else general understanding of LAMP stack is enough.
Will try to cram a demo if possible.

Speaker bio

Experienced working with both non-profit and for-profit organizations in helping them establish, improve their systems, infrastructure. Exposed to varied experience from working day to day as a system administrator to designing, securing systems and networks.
Have introduced tools which helped in adopting agile processes. Have faced my share of downtime, breaches, and managing a infrastructure team.



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