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Pulkit Kakkar


Step into the future of UI: AR/VR with JavaScript

Submitted Dec 3, 2018

Until now, the graphic driven development world was always headed by power housing engines like Unity, Unreal etc. The introduction of React library by Facebook, revolutionized the Web with component(s) architecture and broke the chain confining Web Development with “Separation of Concerns(SOCs)”. Another Major Leap into Development was React-Native bridge which actually overtook the Mobile Application World by bridging ReactJS to Mobile Development. The future of UI & UX is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, The Talk aims to to lay a standardized architecture and hierarchical structure using Redux, React and Viro React Renderer to develop Future Ready Apps like Pokemon Go or Snapchat.

The audience is expected to have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript as Programming Language and knowledge of ReactJS Library is a Plus. One can expect the detailed working of ViroReact Renderer explained with React-Native Bridge in the contents of talk beside the basic philosophy of AR and VR Applications. The previous talk at ReactConf 2018, Las Vegas, USA was more onto Philosophical portion of AR & VR but one can expect the content this time to be internal architecture information and deeper dive into construction of application.

By the end of talk, JavaScript Community Member enthusiast about Future of UI/UX: AR & VR can easily get started with developing intensive apps. Several AR VR apps Paradigm like 2D Overlay Paradigm, AR-VR cross Paradigm, 3D Intensive paradigm will be cleared out. Marker-Less and Image Detective, Marker AR will be understood by the community in detail.


A drastic change from 2D UIs to intuitive 3D UIs requires a detailed understanding of Three Illusions, Place Illusion, Plausibility Illusion, and Embodiment Illusion. Continuing after the introduction to the psychology of AR & VR, The misconception about AR/VR industry just being into entertainment will be ruled out from the hearts of the audience and pathway to inspiration will be laid toward the future, following which the 3-D geometry(Z-Axis) and understanding of basic transformations will be cleared out to the audience which is expected to know the basics of React & React-Native.

Once, the building blocks are established a gradual hands-on to AR/VR “Hello World” app will be made using live demonstration of Android ARCore based ViroReact App. The repository will be made public to the audience for future usage.

It will be followed by asking audience to keep clicking several photos during the talk and upload them to the Link shared just after the hello world app. Another code demo of 360 Images and Videos will be made using per-compiled APK of sample app, which also illustrate placement of 3D objects(.fbx) in the scene.

Finally a closing app will be showcased (not a demo) which will be dynamically made by the images uploaded by the live audience, and will leave the audience in awestruck at the end, thereby inspiring the to learn more about the future of UIs AR & VR.

Unlike my previous talks, the talk will be more oriented toward scale-able AR VR code structuring with several code paradigms: 3D paradigm, Overlay Paradigm, Dynamical Route Overlay Paradigm etc.


Enthusiasm, Curiousity and your gears to Jam React is all you need :)

Speaker bio

I’m a Web Platform Evangelist and Multi-Disciplinary React Apps Developer, Working as Community Overseer for Facebook Developer Circle Delhi-NCR. Web Creation fascinated me since I was 15 years of age, Ever since then I follow the strategy of “Run, Walk or Crawl: But Keep moving”. I have seen web changing from HTML - only to modern front-end framework world.

With my experience at React Conf 2018, USA and ByteConf React Native 2018, I assure to deliver the best of my experiences until now to introduce the Frontend and React Community to future of UI/UX : AR & VR.



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