ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Kickstarting a library of internal React components for multiple teams

Xavier Lefevre

33 minutes 3 March 2019

Building a highly scalable exchange: to react or not to react.

Sreekanth G S

39 minutes 3 March 2019

Delivering JS applications at scale

Santosh Grampurohit, WalmartLabs

31 minutes 3 March 2019

A React Native widgetised framework - Move fast and build things

Toshi Gupta

18 minutes 3 March 2019

Deep dive into Apollo Client

Kiran Abburi

31 minutes 3 March 2019

Mistakes we fixed: a retrospective of the Treebo mobile app

Kashish Grover

37 minutes 2 March 2019

Writing good components

Siddharth Kshetrapal

44 minutes 2 March 2019

Keynote: Building React Native


40 minutes 3 March 2019

The magical land of AST's with babel, eslint and codemods

Vivek Nayyar

38 minutes 3 March 2019

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A community - for and of - front-end engineers to share experiences with ReactJS, performant apps with React, crafting better User Interfaces (UI) with React and GraphQL ecosystem. ReactFoo also discusses design patterns and user experience. more