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Brij Kishor


React A/B testing

Submitted Dec 1, 2018

In this talk our agenda would be:

  • Breif about A/B Testing
  • Issues TravelTriangle faced
  • Issues we want to solve
  • Our solution
  • Demo

We will provide a brief about A/B testing and it’s importance followed by issues we have faced doing A/B testing with react application. Our initial approach and key thought process and desiging a solution. We will provide a live demo of our solution which will give audience a clear picture of its usability, easiness and dynamic nature.

Key Takeaway:

  • A/B Testing
  • A/B Testing new feature in react application

Intended Audience:

  • Product owners
  • Project managers
  • React developers


A/B testing also known as split testing, is an experiment where two (or more) variants of a webpage are shown to users at random to determine which variant leads to more acceptance. After finding a better variant, it is then released for all users.
AB tesing is very important to get customer insight regarding new feature. However, AB test using react (or any forntend framework like angular, vuejs) is hard. We need to add both variant code into codebased and then manages user distribution, traffic allocation etc. Also any changes requires change in code.
A dev effort followed by a release is required for most of the experiments which should not be needed as most of them are usually fail fast experiments.
It was definitely one of major react problem in the market that people have been trying to solve. To avoid above issue we at TravelTriangle developed a solution to easily do AB testing on react application via VWO, optimizely, google tag manager, etc.
We have open sourced our solution for everyone use on npm:

In this presentation our agenda would be:

  • Breif about AB Testing
  • Issues TravelTriangle faced
  • Issues we want to solve
  • Our solution
  • Demo

This module helps us to use existing AB providers for followings:

  • Traffic distribution
  • Quick change without release

To know more about module you can also check article:

Speaker bio

I have 7 yrs. of experience in web application development and currently working as Associate Tech. lead in TravelTriangle. I am creator of this module. I have developed this module to ease TravelTriangle with AB testing for our React Forntend application. I am the author of a workshop “currying-workshopper” to learn currying in JavaScript listed on I am also the organiser of NodeSchool Gurgaon chapter.

In session I would be disccuss following:

  • Issues we faced with current solution available
  • Thought process for the solution
  • Few live examples for demo

We are already using this in our production enviorment.


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