ReactFoo Pune

On lessons learned during implementation.

Advanced React component patterns.

Siddharth Kshetrapal

34 minutes25 January 2018

Fullstack React Native.

Rishichandra Wawhal

25 minutes25 January 2018

Building custom renderers with React.

Satyajit Sahoo

19 minutes25 January 2018

PWA with React.

Neeraj Singh

18 minutes25 January 2018

The dark art of webpack bundle tuning.

Vijay Dharap

31 minutes25 January 2018

Deep Dive into React Portals.

Souvik Basu

32 minutes24 January 2018

An Angular developer moving to React.

Souvik Basu

16 minutes24 January 2018

Why we built a 35kB React Native alternative?

Sahebjot Singh

15 minutes25 January 2018

Let's Sync the Async- A Primer on Redux Sagas.

Preeti Wadhwani

21 minutes24 January 2018

Redux deep dive.

Aziz Khambati

29 minutes24 January 2018

How React shaped Haptik’s front-end story.

Nabendu Karmakar

35 minutes24 January 2018

Migrating from PHP legacy code to React and best practices in React.

Manjula Dube

38 minutes24 January 2018

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