Meta Refresh 2016

The web in your pocket

The modular future of CSS

Rico Sta. Cruz, Manila.js

49 minutes 3 October 2016

What I wish I knew as a newbie designer

Noopur Varma, Nilenso

39 minutes 3 October 2016

Data Driven Product Development

Shashank Mehta, Razorpay

29 minutes 3 October 2016

Architecting Content Driven Websites

Souvik Das Gupta, Miranj

50 minutes 3 October 2016

SHIP IT! Holistic Design, Atomistic Development

Sameer Bhiwani, BlueJeans

26 minutes 3 October 2016

Dealing with Hyper-growth

Aakash Dharmadhikari, GOJEK

1 hour 3 October 2016

Access All Areas

Chris Lienert, JLT

47 minutes 3 October 2016

User Knowledge Generation: Ethnography & Data Analytics Crossovers

Jyotirmaya Mahapatra, Xerox Research Center India

37 minutes 3 October 2016

UX Choreography: motion design and micro-interactions

Saptarshi Prakash, Zeta

31 minutes 3 October 2016
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