Meta Refresh 2016

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Aakash Dharmadhikari


Dealing with Hyper-growth

Submitted Sep 8, 2016

GO-JEK embodies the word hyper growth like few other companies in the world. It is the fastest growing company in the world outside of China. It reached the unicorn status in flat 18 months since it launched its mobile app for the first time. Such growth comes with special kinds of pain, the pain of hyper-growth.

When a company launches an MVP into a market, it’s not just your product that is minimally viable; your whole company is in the same mode. When that hits a hockey stick, your challenge is not just the tech but your product management, sales, ops, finances… basically everything needs to get onto nitro boosters and all at the same time. Given this is MetaRefresh, I will focus on the challenges we faced while scaling GO-JEK from an MVP product to a billion dollar product. What to focus on? What not to focus on? When are unfinished products not just OK but required? How even a billion dollar company needs to hack around to validate markets.


The talk picks at [unexpected] challenges, [hacky] solutions, [unforeseen] disasters & [hidden] opportunities that outline hyper growth and how we have dealt with it.

Speaker bio

Aakash is the Chief Product Officer at GO-JEK, an on-demand service provider app from Indonesia. His work at GO-JEK is in aligning 11 distinct services into a single app and expand the platform to cater to more & more of the users’ daily needs. He has developed software for more than 10 years before moving into product management. He is also the founder of RubyMonk & C42 Engineering, which got acquired by GO-JEK last year.


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