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sameer bhiwani


SHIP IT! Holistic Design, Atomistic Development

Submitted Sep 7, 2016

Many frameworks and processes to design, build and ship products exist, but one process does not fit all products or features. We have Agile, Waterfall, Agile-fall, Water-scrum-fall and a bunch of other things in between and beyond. There are many nuances at each step and based on the situation, people, market, etc compromises are made at each step.

Effective designers and product managers know which compromises to make and when. There are also a bunch of practices that make each step of the process a bit more effective and less prone to the negative effect of such compromises.

I intend to share some such practices that I have found effective.


  • Typical product cycle that we all know and understand
  • Issues that teams face, nuances of the design and development cycle
  • Other considerations that are important for holistic design and getting products and features to end users and customers
  • Solutions that have worked for me and the situations they worked in
  • Suggestions that can be implemented at each stage of the process - requirements, research, production, testing, release, etc.

Speaker bio

Sameer believes enterprise users deserve a consumer-grade experience and has been working hard at making that happen for more than fifteen years in various domains.

Currently, he leads a design team at BlueJeans Network making video collaboration a great experience for business users. He also provides mentorship to young designers at DesignLab.



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