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Designing for Doctors


Jonathan D’Mello


Changing Healthcare through Design

The system is broken. Patients face long wait-times, lack of available practitioners and high out-of-pocket costs. Doctors face overflowing waiting rooms, shorter examination times and inconsiderate software. Healthcare sounds ripe for redesign. But discussing even the smallest change quickly exposes vast underlying systems and processes that somehow function to keep us alive and well. As designers, confronting this complexity can be paralyzing.

While it’s important to understand all the complexities of a system before designing it, we need to pick and choose from our design toolkit to cut through the noise. In this talk, I will discuss some challenges faced designing tools and services for Doctors. Along with some of the topics mentioned below, I will also cite examples from our work in the field.


  • The Medical Professional
  • The New Clinic Toolkit
  • Going with the Flow
  • The Reluctant User
  • Competing with Paper
  • The Lucifer effect
  • Case Studies
  • Designing the Future

Speaker bio

I’m Jonathan D’Mello. I’m currently Lead Product Designer at Practo. I’ve spent the last 3 years designing products for doctors and clinics.