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Chris Lienert


Access All Areas

Submitted Aug 16, 2016

Accessibility is about ensuring that the products we build are able to be used by as wide an audience as possible. While the ARIA specification might be daunting, building accessible interface elements isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Chris Lienert will take you through his experience building a responsive UI library sharing the failures and successes along the way.


  • Rationale
  • Ground rules
  • Hard bits
  • Testing
  • Happiness
    With apologies: this is rather brief at the moment since I’m still in the relatively early stages of assembling this talk.
    I’ve spent the last 12 months buildng a UI library ensuring every component is accessible. The ARIA specification has it’s limitations and sharing my knowledge of the practical implications will hopefully help other developers.
    I’d love to save others at least some of the effort and demonstrate that accessibility is not that hard to pull off.

Speaker bio

Chris started out as a web developer when Netscape ruled the world and is currently working as a senior consultant at global insurance-broker JLT. He founded community group Singapore CSS because someone had to.
Aside from musical distractions and accumulating frequent flyer points, Chris and his wife Sarah can be found in the company of their small human.


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