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jyotirmaya mahapatra


User Knowledge Generation: Ethnography & Data Analytics Crossovers

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

The presentation attempts to offer a method to consistently monitor and capture a data eco-system in the everyday of a patient-caregiver relationship. The talk offers an account of the capture and intermeshing of different types and quality of data sources and their gainful deflection into a methodological protocol for ethnographic engagements. We call this the ‘360° feedback’ ethnography and elaborate its underlying methodological process in this presentation. Building on the live feedback obtained from various stakeholder activities in a care ecosystem, we propose how a 360° feedback can enrich regenerative knowledge. The talk presents an ethnographic case study conducted with 18 families with one or more patients having chronic illness followed by a pilot using a wearable, that led to the design of a Caregiving Data Ontology for personalised care recommendation.


Business Requireement to Focus of Ethnography
Users and their Context
Stories from the field
Pilot with a wearable
Ethnographic insights to Evidences
User context knowledge to Ontology
Design of Caregiving Ontology
Future Possibilities & Applications it could engender

Speaker bio

Jyotirmaya works as an HCI Researcher and UX Specialist with Xerox Research Center India, Bengaluru. He works extensively in the core areas of Interaction Design for various mediums, and he is particularly interested in how the actual user context and behavioral understanding can shape more humane technologies. He holds multiple design patents and has published in journals like EPIC, W4A, ICP, HCII, etc.


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