Meta Refresh 2015

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MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar

We don't hate the web

Amar Nagram

22 April 2015

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flux

Jaseem abid

22 April 2015

Mobile's Stepchild - A Cleartrip Experience

Wishy Arora

22 April 2015

Running Mobile Games at 60fps

Apoorv Saxena

22 April 2015

UIs as Values

Shashi Gowda

23 April 2015

Now that we have an app, Let's kill our mobile site!

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

22 April 2015

Design for Delight (sponsored by Intuit)

Vivek Raghavan

22 April 2015

#Perffirst - Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path

Brameshmadhav Srinivasan

Making maps work on mobile.

Sajjad Anwar

23 April 2015

What’s your web?

Souvik Das Gupta

21 April 2015

DOM animations, almost native

Arun Subramaniam

23 April 2015

A Deep Dive into CSS Blend Modes

Shwetank Dixit

23 April 2015

Real-time communications on mobile

Thomas Gorissen

10 March 2015