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Apoorv Saxena


Running Mobile Games at 60fps

Submitted Dec 16, 2014

  • Performance profiling your HTML5 Games
  • Discuss performance best practices to run your Game at 60fps


Rendering performance on the modern web is messy, especially when talking about games, mobile and HTML5. The web was never designed to do real-time animation, but we’re trying to teach this old dog yet another round of new tricks so it can compete with the fluid, animation-heavy experiences the mobile touch device revolution has trained users to expect. Let’s blow the covers off of what’s going on when the browser renders your game and associated animations. Rather than do this by explaining all the complicated technology involved, your humble host will discuss the best practices and show you what it looks like when we do performance profiling to run your games at 60fps. We’ll bounce from JavaSript and CSS all the way down to the GPU and back using the tools built to analyze Chrome’s performance.

Speaker bio

Apoorv Saxena is a programmer at heart, weekend Cook and an occasional photographer. He has worked at both large organisations and startups, evangelising Backend and Front End teams. He believes in polygot programming and uses the best tools at hand to create a performant product.


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