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Sonal Raj


How Material UI can redefine Web Development

Submitted Dec 24, 2014

The Material UI of Android 5.0 is not only a mobile interface design paradigm, it also possesses the potential to change the way we design modern webpages . . for the better. This talk will look into the features and properties that Material Design brings to the designer’s table, and how design inspirations from Material UI can help in creating amazing web pages.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The material design brings back a sense of simplicity, precision and elegance to the tools that are developed for modern screens. It brings in a set of advanced design trends, which do not require any additional hardware or tools to be implemented. The core area that this talk will focus on are enlisted below:

  • What is Material Design?
  • Principles of MUI design
  • Properties that make material
  • 3D and animation
  • style, icons, images, …, LnF
  • material design for web development
  • cross device development with material.

The talk is aimed to introduce the Material Design Paradigm along with the advantages of it being implemented using the already popular tools - HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, to design web interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also simple to use.


This talk is aimed to be more of an informative and insightful experience. However, if ‘hands-on’ is your game, you will need a basic web development environment setup on any platform. Basic knowledge of front-end design will help you to collect more from this talk, however, if you have just started, you can still learn a lot.

Speaker bio

Sonal Raj is a hacker, pythonista, big data believer and a technology dreamer. He has a passion for design and is an artist at heart. He blogs about technology, gadgets and design at When not working on projects, he can be found travelling, stargazing or reading.
Sonal currently works at Goldman Sachs. He has been a speaker at PyCon India and local Meetups and has also published articles and research papers in leading magazines and international journals. He loves to work on community projects and has contributed to several open source projects.



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