Meta Refresh 2015

The web in your pocket

Harish Sivaramakrishnan


Now that we have an app, Let's kill our mobile site!

Submitted Mar 9, 2015

A technical, deep, highly irreverent lowdown on how we went ahead and built a badass mobile web experience for, despite the fact that we have apps for all major platforms.


I will cover the architecture, design, performance optimizations and UX considerations that went into building this project. Side note - Having an app should not be a reason to kill your mobile web experience. Remember, the way to get people to use your app is not by killing your mobile web app or putting ugly road blocks. Build for the customers and not for your investors.


Working knowledge of Web technologies, appreciation to the fact that building for mobile is painful - but not impossible.

Speaker bio

Harish is VP & Head of design and front end engineering @freecharge, musician @agamlive and an overall nice guy. At times he sees dead pixels.


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