The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

Distributed consensus and data safety: NewSQL perspective

Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran

43 minutes 1 August 2017

Do you know what's on TV?

Bharath Mohan, Sensara.TV

45 minutes 4 August 2017

Bits and joules: data-driven energy systems.

Deva P. Seetharam, Dataglen

36 minutes 3 August 2017

Plumbing data science pipelines.

Krishnapriya Satagopan, Mad Street Den

17 minutes 4 August 2017

How we are building serverless architectures for Deep Learning and NLP at Episource.

Manas Ranjan Kar, Episource

20 minutes 4 August 2017

Suuchi: toolkit to build distributed systems.

Sriram R, Indix

30 minutes 1 August 2017

Distributed ML: challenges and opportunities.

Anand Chitipothu, Rorodata

19 minutes 1 August 2017

From a recommendations carousel to personalizing entire app: personalization story at Paytm.

Charumitra Pujari, Paytm

37 minutes 1 August 2017

Wait, I can explain this! ML models explaining their predictions.

Ramprakash R, Zoho Corporation

23 minutes31 July 2017

Adapting bandit algorithms to optimise user experience at Practo Consult.

Santosh GSK, Practo

18 minutes 1 August 2017

Open data in government: challenges, and the case of Telangana Open Data initiative.

Rakesh Dubbudu, Factly

29 minutes31 July 2017

Augmenting Solr’s NLP capabilities with Deep Learning features to match images.

Kumar Shubham, DataWeave

20 minutes 1 August 2017

Transforming India's budgets into open linked data.

Gaurav Godhwani, and DataKind

30 minutes31 July 2017

Sponsored talk: Developing and deploying analytics for IoT.

Amit Doshi, MathWorks

16 minutes31 July 2017

Interactive real-time dashboards on data streams using Kafka, Druid and Superset.

Nishant Bangarwa, Hortonworks

41 minutes31 July 2017

Gabbar: Machine learning to guard OpenStreetMap

Bhargav Kowshik, Mapbox

38 minutes 1 August 2017

Machine Learning: from practice to production.

Ramanan Balakrishnan, Semantics3

39 minutes 1 August 2017

What explains our marks?

Anand S, Gramener

18 minutes 1 August 2017

Maps ❤️ Data: a voyage across the world of geo-visualization.

Rasagy Sharma, Mapbox

36 minutes 1 August 2017

Designing ML pipelines for mining transactional SMS messages

Paul Meinshausen, Montane Ventures

33 minutes 4 August 2017

What database? - a practical guide to selection from NoSQL, SQL and Polyglot data stores

Regunath Balasubramanian

39 minutes 1 August 2017

Fraud detection and risk management in payment systems implemented using a hybrid memory database.

Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike

30 minutes 1 August 2017

Lessons learned from building a globally distributed database service from the ground up.

Dharma Shukla, Microsoft

42 minutes 9 August 2017

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