The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

Do you know what's on TV?

Bharath Mohan, Sensara.TV

4 August 2017

Bits and joules: data-driven energy systems.

Deva P. Seetharam, Dataglen

3 August 2017

Plumbing data science pipelines.

Krishnapriya Satagopan, Mad Street Den

4 August 2017

How we are building serverless architectures for Deep Learning and NLP at Episource.

Manas Ranjan Kar, Episource

4 August 2017

Suuchi: toolkit to build distributed systems.

Sriram R, Indix

1 August 2017

Distributed ML: challenges and opportunities.

Anand Chitipothu, Rorodata

1 August 2017

From a recommendations carousel to personalizing entire app: personalization story at Paytm.

Charumitra Pujari, Paytm

1 August 2017

Wait, I can explain this! ML models explaining their predictions.

Ramprakash R, Zoho Corporation

31 July 2017

Adapting bandit algorithms to optimise user experience at Practo Consult.

Santosh GSK, Practo

1 August 2017

Open data in government: challenges, and the case of Telangana Open Data initiative.

Rakesh Dubbudu, Factly

31 July 2017

Augmenting Solr’s NLP capabilities with Deep Learning features to match images.

Kumar Shubham, DataWeave

1 August 2017

Distributed consensus and data safety: NewSQL perspective

Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran

1 August 2017

Transforming India's budgets into open linked data.

Gaurav Godhwani, and DataKind

31 July 2017

Sponsored talk: Developing and deploying analytics for IoT.

Amit Doshi, MathWorks

31 July 2017

Interactive real-time dashboards on data streams using Kafka, Druid and Superset.

Nishant Bangarwa, Hortonworks

31 July 2017

Gabbar: Machine learning to guard OpenStreetMap

Bhargav Kowshik, Mapbox

1 August 2017

Machine Learning: from practice to production.

Ramanan Balakrishnan, Semantics3

1 August 2017

What explains our marks?

Anand S, Gramener

1 August 2017

Maps ❤️ Data: a voyage across the world of geo-visualization.

Rasagy Sharma, Mapbox

1 August 2017

Designing ML pipelines for mining transactional SMS messages

Paul Meinshausen, Montane Ventures

4 August 2017

What database? - a practical guide to selection from NoSQL, SQL and Polyglot data stores

Regunath Balasubramanian

1 August 2017

Fraud detection and risk management in payment systems implemented using a hybrid memory database.

Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike

1 August 2017

Lessons learned from building a globally distributed database service from the ground up.

Dharma Shukla, Microsoft

9 August 2017