50p 2018

India's first independent conference on payments and the payment ecosystem

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NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore

Data use models and data protection

Sunil Abraham

12 February 2018

Technical overview of recurring payments using e-NACH and UPI v2

Atma Krishna, Lotuspay

12 February 2018

Common security pitfalls in payment apps

Mohd. Shadab Siddiqui, Ola Cabs

10 February 2018

Accessibility in Digital Payments

Srinivasu, Accessibility Evangalist

12 February 2018

Security of Cryptocurrency wallets/mining

Ashwath Kumar, Synopsys Inc

10 February 2018

Fundamentals of CryptoEconomics - Application in Blockchain

Pranay Prateek

10 February 2018

State of UPI - Observations from reluctant observer

Srikanth Lakshmanan, CashlessConsumer

10 February 2018

Rethinking payment UX for emerging markets.

Chaitra Chidanand, Simpl

12 February 2018

ICOs: Fundamentals, Best Practices & Risks

Nitin Sharma, Incrypt Blockchain

10 February 2018

Panel: Structuring teams and organizations in FinTech

Adam Walker, KredX

10 February 2018

Panel: Regulation for innovation

Beni Chugh, IFMR

12 February 2018

The year that wasn't: Reviewing Payments Regulations

Nishanth Kumar, Dvara Research

12 February 2018

What we learnt building BHIM in just 3 weeks

Vimal Kumar, JusPay

12 February 2018

Web Payments

Hemanth.HM, PayPal

12 February 2018

BharatQR - Is it addressing the real Bharat

Madhusudanan, YAP

12 February 2018

Building apps and services with UPI: A technical deep dive

Dilip Jain, JusPay

10 February 2018

OSINT Techniques for Pwning Fintech

Akash Mahajan, Appsecco

10 February 2018