50p 2018

50p 2018

India's first independent conference on payments and the payment ecosystem

Abhishek Balaji

@booleanbalaji Proposing

Regulation for innovation

Submitted Jan 29, 2018

We’ve seen several regulations come out for the FinTech industry in 2017. Most of these regulations seem to be reactive than pro-active. Are these regulations inhibiting innovation in the industry? Are some players being given unfair advantages? What happened to the Watal Committee recommendations? The panel aims to address all these with particpants from NBFCs, policy institutions, industry stalwarts and regulators.


Topics for discussion

  1. What do banks / fintech need to propel digital payments / Are there any specific regulatory barriers? Should there be light touch regulation?
  2. PPI KYC norms, capital limits, Interoperability through a bank, Does it hurt younger / smaller fintech more than helping them?
  3. Issues with grievance redressal. How can regulatory intervention help here?
  4. MDR subsidies and MDR price regulation.
  5. Watal report - 1 year ON, status check, newer wishlist for medium to long term sector growth.
  6. What can we learn from NBFC regulation (Nearly on-tap) for paytech regulation?
  7. Privacy and Data protection - With credit, personal finance data becoming most valuable asset, what data practices must be allowed, regulated, prohibited and what regulatory models would work best in protecting both users and enable growth of digital payments.
  8. Blockchain and crypto regulation

Speaker bio

Moderator: Beni Chugh (IMFR)

- Amol Kulkarni (CUTS)
- Ashish Agarwal (NIPFP)
- Rohit Taneja (mypoolin)


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