50p 2018

50p 2018

India's first independent conference on payments and the payment ecosystem

Abhishek Balaji

@booleanbalaji Proposing

Future of Point of Sale devices

Submitted Jan 29, 2018

PoS devices have changed rapidly in the last year, from being a device to only accept cards, to now allowing payments through UPI, BharatQR, contactless and even offers services like EMIs and cashback offers. The panel will review the past year in PoS devices, the developments, policies around MDR and new and emerging technologies.


Topics for discussion

  1. Review of the last year in PoS - what are the developments, what worked and what didn’t
  2. Review of the MDR charges, merchant perspective, customer perspective and regulatory perspective - Does it encourage payments through PoS?
  3. Two factor authentication - Security vs convenience, Alternatives for seamless checkout options, what are the friction areas for card present transactions, what can be done?
  4. Technologies in PoS - Contactless (Visa Paywave, Masterpass), Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, BharatQR, Ultrasound payments, EMV, magnetic stripe
  5. Physical PoS vs Mobile based PoS, what are the alternatives for retail payments? - Discuss square reader, portable options from Ezetap, mswipe
  6. Building OTT and VAS on PoS devices - EMI, coupons
  7. Marketplace and App Store on the PoS - Case: Poynt
  8. Future of PoS - Where is it headed? Are physical devices being rendered useless? How can payments become more seamless?
  9. Discussion of possible features
    1. Pay later, credit options
    2. Offline payments through PoS
    3. Reducing merchant adoption friction
    4. PhonePe’s calculator PoS
    5. Poynt’s integrated terminal
    6. Social payments - AI in payment chat bots

Speaker bio

Moderated by Raj Subramanian


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