50p 2018

50p 2018

India's first independent conference on payments and the payment ecosystem

Srikanth Lakshmanan

Srikanth Lakshmanan


State of UPI - Observations from reluctant observer

Submitted Dec 27, 2017

The talk will look through UPI ecosystem through its apps, app integrations, technical upgrades to UPI specification, security incidents of UPI along with upcoming changes to UPI and the potential impact in making UPI payments.


** Overview of UPI in 2017 **
– What is the significance of 75 apps and 40 PSPs? – Sneak peak into lesser known apps / nifty features / UX.
– Role of PhonePe / BHIM / Tez / Non bank PSP apps.
– Spam control features – Has spam been solved effectively in UPI? What more needs to be done?
– Fraud in UPI - BoM case, UP Hack, corrective measures; What more needs to be done; BHIM Cybersecurity hackathon;
– Overview of different integrations of UPI (Uber / Ola / IRCTC / Payment Processors ) – Hits and misses in reducing payment friction. What can be done better?
– UPI @ PoS / Face to face payments – Why F2F / offline P2M never took off?
– Consumer focus on UPI - Social Engg attacks, ToS / privacy concerns, Grivence redressal

** UPI v2 **
– eMandates - How they would change EMIs and recurring payments? Whats the fine print?
– Aadhaar authentication for 2FA - What it look like?
– BBPS integrations / Other upcoming changes.

** Opendata in UPI **
– Transactions volume and value
– VPA Validators - Chromium autofill
– Whitelisted VPAs

Speaker bio

CashlessConsumer has been tracking UPI and various related developments closely since UPIs launch, providing feedback, critical analysis, insights, producing opendata around UPI





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