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Continuous Reliability - CFP

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From Nginx to EnvoyProxy: A Journey of Edge Proxy Migration with Istio

Context: Nginx is a popular choice for edge proxy traffic, but it has some limitations such as lack of http2 support and service discovery for upstream backends. This talk will share the experience of migrating from Nginx to EnvoyProxy, an open source load balancer that offers more features and flexibility for modern cloud applications. It will also explain how Istio, a service mesh platform, was… more
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  • 29 Jan 2024


Journey into running large scale statefulsets on kubernetes

At Flipkart, we run large scale hbase clusters on kubernetes, which is hosting hundreds of use cases with thousands of stateful pods on kubernetes. When we started this thought process of running flipkart scale hbase clusters on kubernetes, little did we know what it would take and challenges involved. more
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  • 26 Dec 2023

Arvind Saraf

Bringing in SRE practice - choices, stack, evaluation & metrics. An Engineering leader's perspective

Engineering systems need to be reliable & high uptime for best customer experience. Often, these uptime commitments are part of customer constracts (SLA). Good systems rely on adequate logs & metrics for timely alerting on potentially aggravating situations & helping an engineer fix them promptly. This is constantly at odds with a startups goal of building & shipping new features. Often, engineer… more
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  • 21 Nov 2023

Nitish Agarwal

Scaling DevOps: A Consistent and Manageable Approach for Company-Wide Application Development

Scaling DevOps: A Consistent and Manageable Approach for Company-Wide Application Development more
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  • 13 Dec 2023

Vallish Kumaraswami

DevOps Hand in Glove with Quality Engineering for Reliable Release Management

In the fast-paced landscape of a startup, where speed is often of the essence, the importance of robust testing and quality assurance can sometimes be overshadowed. This technical talk unravels the challenges of ensuring software quality at the highest level while making continous deployments a reality. more
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  • 09 Jan 2024

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