Continuous Reliability - CFP

Continuous Reliability - CFP

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Nitish Agarwal

Scaling DevOps: A Consistent and Manageable Approach for Company-Wide Application Development

Submitted Dec 13, 2023

Scaling DevOps: A Consistent and Manageable Approach for Company-Wide Application Development


In the ever-evolving world of software development, maintaining consistency and manageability across company-wide projects is a significant challenge, especially for smaller infrastructure and DevOps teams tasked with overseeing critical systems. This talk delves into an approach that emphasizes consistency and scalability in application development and deployment. We will explore a specially developed CI/CD orchestration system and templates, designed to standardize the creation of new applications with essential defaults and monitoring capabilities. This system is not only a facilitator for scaling small teams but also aligns with Continuous Delivery Foundation’s projects (building on shoulder of giants).


1. Understanding the Need for Consistency in Application Development

  • The challenges of managing company-wide software development stack.
  • The role of consistency in scaling small infra and DevOps tooling teams.

2. Introduction to GoDaddy’s internal CI/CD Orchestration System for Scalability

  • Key features of the CI/CD orchestration system.
  • How the system supports the creation of applications with standardized monitoring and deployment protocols.

3. Synergy with Continuous Delivery Foundation Projects

  • Use of existing tools industry wide tools than build from scratch
  • Integration and compatibility with CDF projects like Jenkins, Tekton, and Spinnaker.
  • Enhancing cloud-native CD and digital transformation efforts through these integrations.

4. Strengthening Security and Governance in the Development Pipeline

  • Approaches to incorporating security and governance in the CI/CD process.
  • Ensuring secure software delivery in a scalable environment.

5. Fostering a Community Culture for Efficient Development Practices

  • Encouraging cross-team collaboration and easy onboarding.
  • Lessons from the global community on managing scalable software development.

6. Leadership Strategies in Scaling DevOps Operations

  • Discussing the role of strategic leadership in digital transformation.
  • Best practices in platform engineering for scalable solutions.

7. Conclusion: Building a Scalable and Consistent Software Delivery Future

  • Reflections on the importance of consistency and manageability in software development.
  • Inviting contributions to the ongoing development of scalable DevOps practices.


Participants will leave with practical insights into managing and scaling a small infrastructure and DevOps team, understanding how to implement consistent and manageable approaches in application development.


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