Continuous Reliability - CFP

Continuous Reliability - CFP

Expert Talks on all things DevOps & SRE

What is Continuous Reliability about?

As the role and discipline of Site Reliability Engineering has developed along the years, companies have also started adapting the new ideas, tech and processes in order to stay relevant and gain market leadership. As such, a lot of folks might have an incorrect or an incomplete idea about the way SRE is done or to how manage SRE teams. There exists a need to have regular conversations about things like:

  1. Platform Engineering
  2. Finops
  3. Blameless postmortems
  4. Chaos Engineering
  5. SRE Anti-Patterns
  6. Building and Managing SRE teams
  7. SRE Leadership

The idea is to get a bunch of SREs to meetup, deliver and listen to monthly talks on Site Reliability Engineering - war room stories, organizational set-up and culture around having processes and runbooks. Talking about learning opportunities and takeways is THE way to nurture the SRE culture - understand why SREs do the things they do, instead of doing it just for the sake of completing checkboxes before scaling, be it infrastructure or team.

Submit talks, panels, workshops and demos - become part of the conversation.

Key takeaways for participants

  1. Improved understanding of organizational needs and requirements.
  2. Improved public speaking skills.
  3. Networking opportunities.
  4. Knowledge sharing and community building.

Who should participate

  • Members of SRE, DevOps or platform teams.
  • A software developer or manager who is responsible for services running on any cloud platform or on-prem data center.
  • Technology leader of an engineering team that manages critical systems which should have minimal to zero downtime.


If you are interested in speaking at the conference, submit your talk idea here. The editors - Sarika Atri, Safeer CM and Saurabh Hirani - will review your talk description and give feedback.

Speakers will also receive feedback and assistance during rehearsals from past speakers such as Sitaram Shelke.

Guidelines for speaking are published here.

About the editors

This conference themes were set up by Sarika Atri and Safeer CM. Together with Saurabh Hirani, the three editors have:

  1. Reviewed the talks.
  2. Set up the editorial workflow.
  3. Finalized talk selections.
  4. Curated the schedule.

Sarika Atri is Software Architect with over twenty years experience in the industry. Sarika was reviewer for Rootconf Cloud Costs Optimization conference held in July 2023.
Safeer CM is Senior Staff SRE at Flipkart. He is author of Architecting Cloud-Native Serverless Solutions published by Packt.
Saurabh Hirani is former editor of Rootconf, and a passionate member of the community. Saurabh is SRE at He has a keen interest in mentoring speakers.

This is a Free Event

Rootconf SRE is a community-backed event/meetup. It will be held in-person. This is a free event - attendance is open to all. However, you may choose to support these monthly meetups with a membership. If you have questions about participation, post a comment here.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Tool and solutions providers.
  2. Companies interested in tech branding for hiring.

Email sponsorship queries to

Contact information

Join the Rootconf Telegram group at or follow @rootconf on Twitter.
For inquiries, contact Rootconf at +91-7676332020.

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