Detecting anomalous network patterns

Detecting anomalous network patterns

Using anomaly patterns for improved data security, network monitoring and observability.

Introducing Network Security Monitoring (NSM) for your organizations (and your homes)

Swapneel Patnekar, Managing Director at Shreshta IT Technologies

33 minutes22 June 2021

Where is my traffic going - and other tough questions about hybrid network monitoring.

Yael Goldstein, Product Manager at Datadog

18 minutes22 June 2021

Achieving a high level of network inspection with VPC traffic mirroring and Suricata

Rashid Feroz, Security Engineer at CRED

34 minutes22 June 2021

Anatomy of an attack - how to analyze network behaviour

Ravindra Ved, Solutions Architect at Amazon

28 minutes22 June 2021

Knowledge versus faith: how to use observable data to make better defence decisions

Boris Taratine, Principal Architect at Farsight Security Inc

41 minutes22 June 2021

Advanced anomaly detection systems for transactions and network flows

Jithesh Kaveetil, co-founder and CTO at VuNet Systems

45 minutes22 June 2021

Network egress observability at Dream11 and SRE workflows

Vipin Chaudhary, Director of SRE at Dream11

32 minutes22 June 2021

API security powered by Deep Learning

Dishant Shah, founder at Spherical Defense

40 minutes22 June 2021

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