Detecting anomalous network patterns

Detecting anomalous network patterns

Using anomaly patterns for improved data security, network monitoring and observability.

Yael Goldstein


Where is my traffic going? And other tough questions of hybrid network monitoring

Submitted May 25, 2021

Modern application architectures have evolved networking beyond physical connections. IP addresses are no longer sufficient descriptors of components like virtual machines, containers, and cloud services. Effectively managing complex, distributed environments requires an understanding of how these components interact, which cannot be obtained with traditional network monitoring tools.

In this session we will show how Datadog takes a unified approach to observability, providing insight into the performance and security of your apps and network. With dynamic dependency mapping, out of the box threat detection, and proactive anomaly-based alerting, we’ll demonstrate how you can leverage Datadog to get visibility across your network, no matter its scale or complexity.


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