Detecting anomalous network patterns

Detecting anomalous network patterns

Using anomaly patterns for improved data security, network monitoring and observability.

Boris Taratine


Knowledge vs. Faith: How to Use Observable Data to Make Better Defence Decisions

Submitted May 28, 2021

Over the past years we increasingly relied on someone’s else judgement and opinion of what is bad or good on the Internet. And whilst very often the things changed the scores may not, leading to false positives or complicated and obscure risk-score structures. Also, to form an opinion, one need to observe the behaviour for some time to cast judgement. What can we do in the meantime? Knowledge about the facts - the objective observations and prior knowledge of the behaviour of a large system over long period of time - comes to rescue. Newly observed assets on the internet and the scientifically derived mortality rates will help you defend your business when any other methods, that aim to detect anomalies, are helpless.


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