Detecting anomalous network patterns

Detecting anomalous network patterns

Using anomaly patterns for improved data security, network monitoring and observability.



Observability, anomaly detection and deep defense is the cycle for early detection of attacks and network breaches.

Speakers from FreeBSD community, CRED, AWS, Datadog, Farsight Securities and other organizations will share their experiences with processes and tools for tightening the loops of network security and anomaly detection, and how to build robust observability workflows.
The conference will cover topics ranging from:

  1. Network Security Monitoring (NSM)
  2. Unified approach to observability
  3. VPN connectivity and unusual traffic patterns
  4. Response Policy Zones (RPZ)
  5. Network behaviour analysis and early indicators of attack

The conference is open for participation to the following practitioners.

  1. SRE teams.
  2. Observability geeks.
  3. Engineers who work with Cloud infrastructure.
  4. Network security engineers.
  5. DevSecOps teams and practitioners.

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Featured submissions

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  • Swapneel Patnekar

    Swapneel Patnekar

    Packets don't lie - Network Security Monitoring (NSM) for the masses

    Prevention ultimately fails. With this uncomfortable premise, everyone gets breached. The circumstances for networks become grave when one looks at defending networks from the security 1% lens. According to Richard Bejtlich, more

    24 May 2021

  • Rashid Feroz

    Rashid Feroz

    Achieving a High Level of Network Inspection with VPC Traffic Mirroring and Suricata

    COVID has hit everyone and affected people in their own way. As far as organizations are concerned, employees have been asked to work from home (WFH), and because many industries are now working remotely, the pattern of user connections to the enterprise network has turned upside down. Instead of most users connecting locally, now most are connecting remotely. And for allowing employees to access… more

    24 May 2021

  • Yael Goldstein

    Where is my traffic going? And other tough questions of hybrid network monitoring

    Modern application architectures have evolved networking beyond physical connections. IP addresses are no longer sufficient descriptors of components like virtual machines, containers, and cloud services. Effectively managing complex, distributed environments requires an understanding of how these components interact, which cannot be obtained with traditional network monitoring tools. more

    25 May 2021

  • Boris Taratine

    Knowledge vs. Faith: How to Use Observable Data to Make Better Defence Decisions

    Over the past years we increasingly relied on someone’s else judgement and opinion of what is bad or good on the Internet. And whilst very often the things changed the scores may not, leading to false positives or complicated and obscure risk-score structures. Also, to form an opinion, one need to observe the behaviour for some time to cast judgement. What can we do in the meantime? Knowledge abo… more

    28 May 2021

  • Jithesh Kaveetil

    Jithesh Kaveetil

    Advanced Anomaly Detection Systems for Transactions and Network flows

    India holds the record for having the highest number of digital transactions annually. VuNet is a major Indian player in this, helping several prominent banks through AI driven monitoring of their payment transaction flows and network infrastructure to improve the user experience. Through our flagship product, vuSmartMaps, we have been rigorously analysing millions of transactions, applications, … more

    31 May 2021

  • Vipin Chaudhary

    Vipin Chaudhary

    What is happening in my network? Network egress observability at Dream11.

    One of the many challenges a SRE/Devops/Cloud Security Officer has to face in his or her job is to know at any time what is going on in the cloud egress network. They must perform continuous analyses and checks to determine which cloud systems communicate which each other , which cloud system are sending data outside and which protocols are they employed. What about the data that is transferred t… more

    28 May 2021

  • Dishant Shah

    API Security powered by Deep Learning

    Spherical Defense is working on applying research from Cambridge University on representation learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to web application / API security. We learn the baseline in an unsupervised manner of normal JSON request headers and payloads, and can detect anomalies. We learn continuously as the application changes and reduce false positives. We can 1) detect anomalies … more

    18 May 2021

  • Anwesha Sen

    Checklist for Network Security Monitoring (NSM) for On-premise, Data Centers and Cloud set-ups

    This checklist was developed from the Birds of Feather (BOF) session on Tooling for NSM held on 15 June 2021 under the Anomalous Network Detection Patterns programme. Swapneel Patnekar - Founder at Sreshta IT - and Rashid Feroz - Security Engineer at CRED - shared their experiences and learnings. Anand Venkatnarayan, cybersecurity expert and editor of Privacy Mode and Rootconf progammes moderated… more

    30 May 2022


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API security powered by Deep Learning

API security powered by Deep Learning

Dishant Shah, founder at Spherical Defense

40 minutes18 June 2021
Network egress observability at Dream11 and SRE workflows

Network egress observability at Dream11 and SRE workflows

Vipin Chaudhary, Director of SRE at Dream11

32 minutes18 June 2021
Advanced anomaly detection systems for transactions and network flows

Advanced anomaly detection systems for transactions and network flows

Jithesh Kaveetil, co-founder and CTO at VuNet Systems

45 minutes18 June 2021
Knowledge versus faith: how to use observable data to make better defence decisions

Knowledge versus faith: how to use observable data to make better defence decisions

Boris Taratine, Principal Architect at Farsight Security Inc

41 minutes18 June 2021
Anatomy of an attack - how to analyze network behaviour

Anatomy of an attack - how to analyze network behaviour

Ravindra Ved, Solutions Architect at Amazon

28 minutes18 June 2021

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