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Design patterns for cloud architecture

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Vaidik Kapoor

Vaidik Kapoor


3 years of Kubernetes in production - Here's what we learned

Submitted Feb 17, 2023

Kubernetes has clearly gained mindshare of most engineering teams. There is a strong interest and desire in teams to migrate to Kubernetes and other new tech in the cloud-native ecosystem. However the journey to migrate to a cloud-native stack is complex and long, and has a lot of hidden costs.

In 2018, we at Blinkit decided to leave behind our Ansible based configuration management setup for deploying applications on EC2 and move towards using containers and Kubernetes for orchestration. Today, all of Blinkit’s production infrastructure runs on Kubernetes. It was a big undertaking and had its own challenges — from technical challenges of running a hybrid infrastructure until most of the migration was done to organizational challenges such as training the entire team on a completely new paradigm of operations.

This talk is a report of Blinkit’s experiences of adopting Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies, the challenges that came our way, dealing with complexity of legacy, delivering a great developer platform and the way forward for us. By attending this session, attendees will get insights into:

  • understand possible reasons to migrate to Kubernetes and how to decide if they should migrate or not (with possible alternatives)
  • practical challenges of migrating to Kubernetes
  • the factors to consider before they decide to adopt Kubernetes
  • how to prepare themselves and their teams before on the journey (culturally and functionally)

This talk is not to deter you, but merely to help you understand your reasons clearer before you make the decision.


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