Data Privacy Conference

Data Privacy Conference

On building privacy in engineering and product processes.

Deepak Krishnan


Leapanalysis : Federated Querying

Submitted Mar 13, 2021

Leapanalysis is a patented piece of technology that lets users query disparate data sources as if they were a single unified data source. In the past, there has been an influx of technology around building massive big data clusters to which data will be replicated and then unified based on the need. This process is very expensive. Leapanalysis lets users query data across these datasources as a single data model. The datasources can be relational/non-relational databases, CSV/XLS files, REST API’s etc. Leapanalysis makes it possible to join data from a CSV file against a REST API and the results based on records in a relational database.

The best way to protect data is to let the data live where it belongs and not to replicate it. Often there are huge compliance violations due to data scientists cloning data and combining it with third party datasets. Leapanalysis lets the data source itself take care of the data source governance.


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