Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps

Adheip Singh


Solving Real World Problems of Running CMS on Kubernetes using Operators

Submitted Sep 18, 2019

How at SRIJAN we solved the real world problems of running CMS (Drupal) on kubernetes by writing an Operator. How can operators help in running stateful applications on kubernetes. What are the various approaches on writing operators, SRIJAN’s journey in writing an operators covering our pitfalls and learnings. A live demo of our operator which will be opensourced soon.


CMS are not microservices, so running on kubernetes can be painful. Sameway a lot of monolith stacks when tried to be broken into microservices result in ending up having decoupled/macro services. Running such kind of stacks can be tough, using operators in kubernetes we are able to solve issues such as scalibility, backups, realibilty and having a full application management lifecycle around our services. Operators help us run kubernetes more intelligently since our operator(which is a custom controller) has full knowledge of application lifecycle.Describing SRIJAN’s journey in writing operators, our learning and pitfalls. A live demo of our operator.


Kubernetes knowledge, GoLang knowledge preferred.

Speaker bio

Adheip Singh, Senior DevOps at SRIJAN. Have been a distributed system enthusiast and OpenSource Lover. A GoLang Developer at heart currently handling SRIJAN’s OpenSource initiatives which include Kubernetes and ServiceMesh.




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